In order to increase the supply quality of goods and services, Mapna Boiler & Equipment Engineering & Manufacturing Co. has been developing its methodology for recognition and evaluation of its suppliers since 1384, not only ensuring the conformity of the purchases with the main company needs, but also aligns the suppliers with the company strategies. Therefore, by developing a method for identifying and evaluating suppliers, as well as an annual review, tries to create a continuous improvement in this process in order to increase its supply chain stability.

All manufacturers and suppliers are required to introduce themselves through the system which is now available for you. After vendor's registration, studying the documents and uploaded ones, through in person attendance / not in person attendance evaluation, in the case of confirming the competency and obtaining a minimum point (65 points out of 100 points) it will be placed in the Vendor List of Mapna Boiler & Equipment Engineering & Manufacturing Co. Also, in order to improve the bidding process, suppliers will receive an evaluation point in one of the following categories, which it allows bidding/ inquiries among the same level vendors, so that the conditions of competing will be in the same level for all participants.

Evaluation Ponits
100≥ N ≥85 85> N ≥75 75> N ≥65 65> N ≥50 N˂ 50
outcome validity 24 months validity 18 months validity 12 months conditional reject



Periodic Evaluation

A periodic evaluation of the suppliers will be done after the expiration of the announced validity period stated in the table above. (In case of purchase from the company in announced validity period)

Conditional Suppliers

Suppliers with D rank (conditional) can formally apply to re-evaluate 6 months after the first evaluation and resolving the announced deficiencies. In the case of not approving again the evaluation result will be rejected.

The Evaluation Result

The evaluation result along with the rating points, validity period and improvable points will be announced formally to all the companies evaluated .