MAPNA Boiler and Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing Co. is a highly qualified company in design , supply , manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of different types of heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), water tube (package, industrial and power plant) boilers as well as other related equipment and accessories in the field of power, oil & gas, petrochemical, power plants and other industries in domestic and foreign markets. Relying on the efficient human recourses, factory’s maximum utilization of production capacity, improvement of technical knowledge, and cooperation with domestic and foreign suppliers along with preserving shareholders’ rights and gaining customers satisfaction; the company advances toward the sustainable development of society and aims to realize Iran’s 20-year perspective.

In line with the country’s policies and objectives to increase efficiency of gas power plants in 2003, the license agreement for technology transfer was concluded with DOOSAN Company of South Korea. Under this license agreement, up to now, over 154 heat recovery steam generators have been installed and utilized in the downstream of gas turbines and 38 industrial water tube boilers have been delivered and utilized or is under execution.

The significant role of oil, gas and petrochemical industries has led MAPNA Boiler Co. in to accomplishing sev¬eral projects for supplying steam and utilities in the form of EP and EPC contracts for the above mentioned industries. The manufacturing of boiler equipment was carried out, mainly through outsourcing and using the capacity of domestic contractors within the framework of a coherent system of management and supervision of MAPNA Boiler suppliers by early 2010. According to the new approach of the company, since the beginning of 2010, with the merger of a factory near Tehran, manufacturing of sensitive parts of the boilers and other products became possible to provide new horizons in terms of meeting customers' needs and obtaining their satisfaction in quality, price and time. The customers’ need to be supported by world-class products and services, and the commitment of MAPNA Boiler to complement its product and service chain has resulted in the development of special programs in the form of customer service and after-sales services starting in 2010.


Nowadays, regarding the actualization of energy costs, and various industries and in vestors need to increasing efficiency and performance, MAPNA Boiler has focused on developing products variety in order to design and supply industrial heat recovery boilers and steam recovery from the wasted heat in industries and also process packages particularly in oil, gas and petrochemical industries and in the next years, this company major activities will be de¬voted to these plans.

Hence, by increasing the portfolio of the products of the MAPNA Group and entering the area of producing F-class turbines, in 2016, the contract of the technology transfer and license of thermal recovery boilers for F, H and above classes of turbines was signed with CMI Belgium.

The company's management and human resources are committed to meet the real needs of stakeholders and preserving the environment on the one hand and the use of modern scientific management systems promise a clear future in obtaining customer satisfaction and loyalty and development of company activities in domestic and foreign markets.