Mapna Boiler & Equipment Engineering & Manufacturing Co. offers a variety customer oriented services in middle east market based on over 20 years’ experience in different types of boilers. The company provides a total solution in boiler industry including, Repair & Maintenance Management, Technical and Engineering Supports, Overhaul, Rehabilitation and Repowering for both boiler and its auxiliary Equipment, Spare Parts Supplements, Consultation and Education to its industrial customers to achieve the best performance level for their facilities.

Boiler Overhaul, Rehabilitation and Repowering
Project Management Services

Mapna Boiler could be a reliable MC to manage your industrial projects related to boiler industry.

Material and Equipment Supplementary (in boiler industry)

Large scale stock of material, parts and auxiliary equipment in an indoor warehouse of 9000 m2 and 130000 m2 of an outdoor warehouse has enabled us to provide a fast support on customer demands for a variety of parts and material.

Installation & Commissioning (Executing and supervising)

Mapna Boiler could support customers by supervising their installation & commissioning projects and any development activities in boiler industry.

Repowering and Development of Steam Generation Units
  • Feasible study to change steam characteristic at boiler output
  • Design and execution of steam generation units’ development project
  • Capacity Enhancement
  • Performance Enhancement

Metallurgical and Calibration Laboratory Services


QC Laboratory is certified by ISO 17025 and equipped with below devices:

Tensile test machine, 60 Tons  Full set of Metallography test devices
Tensile test machine, 5 Tons Optical Microscope Devices (3 Pcs)
Portable Spectrometer Device Electrical Furnace
Fixed Spectrometer Machine Portable Gas Analyzer Device
Micro Hardness Testing Device
Portable Flowmeter Device
Special Training in boiler and its auxiliary equipment
  • Offering the customer oriented training courses
  • Case study workshop for fault analysis
  • Providing general and special training texts
  • Using skilled and experienced instructors
Product Support through long term contracts
  • Technical consultancy and providing preventive maintenance plan
  • Periodic inspection and commissioning status monitoring to offer problem solution
  • Periodic spare part supplementary
Fault detection, Repair and Periodic Maintenance
  •  Assessment of applied chemical cycle chemistry on boilers and providing solutions
  •  Identifying the cause of failures in boiler and HRSG component with consideration for its past excursions and operating history, chemical and sampling analysis by regular inspection
  •  Failure and root cause analysis and case studies
  •  Sampling analysis from different point of the water and steam cycle for condition assessment
  •  Boiler water/steam-side deposits, gas-side deposits and also metallurgical analysis by Mapna boiler laboratory 
  •  Performance checking and calibration of chemical dosing and sampling systems
  •  Providing tube repairing and re-tubing procedures for boilers
  •  Inspection services and NDE such as conventional UT surveys of tubes
  •  Providing proper steam and water quality control manual along with implementation
  •  Providing tube inside and outside chemical cleaning procedures
  •  Assessment of tube deposition and specifying time of cleaning
  •  Recommending different methods of HRSG preservation during outage and supplying downtime ventilation systems based on plant condition
  •  Operating data analysis after applying proper cycle chemistry regime to achieve  a reliable system
  •  Repairing, renovating and delivering spare parts of existing equipment
  •  Assessment of existing CPP and WTP for improvement, redesign and replacement
  •  Providing solution to water recycling and recovery
  •  Inspection Planning by Risk Assessment
  •   Conducting training workshops and courses for field operators 

Spare Parts Supplementary (in boiler industry)

Technical and engineering capabilities followed by high financial and commercial skills provide us the ability for manufacturing / supplementary of below items:

  • Harp, Finned tubes, Water wall tubes, Tube bundle, Elliptic and hemispherical dish heads, …
  • Piping materials (pipe, tube, fitting, …)
  • Different types of valves (Manual valves and Control valves, …)
  • Different types of pumps and electro motors
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Burner and de-super heater