A Comprehensive Look at Stakeholders Beneficiaries

The company always tries to maintain and strengthen its comprehensive look at the needs of all stakeholders. In this regard, the organization identifies all these and, by examining their needs, strives to plan and direct its activities in order to balance them. Affiliates, customers, suppliers and employees are among the stakeholders of the organization. The company is attempting, in addition to other stakeholders, to address the needs of the community in the context of its social responsibility development plans and meet these needs. A responsible organization responds to its society as a community that uses its natural resources, including water, land and clean weather, to continue its production and operations. Therefore, it is responsible for the community and is trying to identify and eliminate their needs, especially at the local level. It also tries to allocate a percentage of its facilities to the community in particular. Improving the welfare of the community is a supreme goal that most of the world's leading organizations have been thinking and moving towards it. MAPNA Boiler also expects all staff to help the organization meet these needs. In the following, this paper introduces some of the company's efforts in this way.

The activities of this committee are as follows

* Various activities such as charitable contributions to the people, tree-planting to promote the environment, blood donation, providing free education to the needy, and anything else that can lead to better life for others, is the goal of all of us.