Management systems

Parallel to the path of improvement the MAPNA Boiler company is taking since 2010, it has implemented and trained for the organizational improvement self-assessment system, and by taking and implementing different systemic approaches and projects, has played an important in improving and broadening approaches, thereby attaining invaluable results.

To this end since 2010, the company has started its improvement path by holding improvement training courses and appointing an Excellence manager, attending in the Iranian Business Excellence award in 2011, in which it achieved the commitment to Excellence license. Executing the self-assessment process and defining annual projects and improvement measures in this path have all been followed on yearly, which has substantially resulted in a broadening of approaches and achieving relevant results. According to these, the processes engineering and organizational Excellence department annually define and modify their goals of organizational improvement based on a excellency roadmap; according to which defined goals in 2013 and 2014 were realized accompanied by receiving two and three-star recognized for Excellence.

The ceremony for the 13th organizational improvement award annual conference, 2015 In 2015 the MAPNA Boiler Company with the support of the senior manager and the participation of all employees on a statue level, with the purpose of modification and improvements to its approaches and strengthening the outcome, in this award ceremony, in which it won the Crystal prize award. The leap from a three-star recognized for excellence to winning the crystal prize award which is unprecedented in its kind, ended in MAPNA Boiler company being placed with the top three MAPNA companies (MAPNA, TUGA and MAPNA Boiler) winning the national business excellence award.

Some of the implemented system within these years include:
  • Execution of phase 0, one and two of the ERP-SAP project.
  • Establishing the technology management system
  • Establishing the processes management system
  • Evaluation the maturity of different processes and systems.
  • Modifying and organizing indicators
  • Establishing the project management system (PMBOK)
  • Establishing the social responsibilities and strategic communications system (CSR)
  • Establishing the Information Security Management system (ISMS)
  • Establishing the Energy Management System (ISO 50001)
  • Establishing an Total productive Preventive maintenance system (TPM)
  • 5S system
Some of the projects and approaches in recent years, regarding organizational excellence
  • Annual creating and reviewing strategies and deploy it with the BSC approach. –
  • Creating process and strategic dashboards in the form of QlikView software.
  • Implementing leadership development approaches (360 degree evaluation, evaluating leadership style using the Blanchard model).
  • Evaluating different systems and process maturity.
  • Organizational agility assessment using the ACE model
  • Implementing interactive approaches with suppliers (including segmentation, ranking and surveys and upgrading suppliers)
  • Assessing the organizational culture based on Denison’s method, and communicating selected ethical codes at the company level
  • Recording lessons learned in executive projects and sharing them in the form of Project Management systems (PMBOK)
  • Business Process Management

The MAPNA boiler and equipment engineering and manufacturing company in line with design, establishing and managing its business processes, since its foundation has improved in its processes in form of requirements, standards and reference models (figure 1).

The MAPNA Boiler company has planned and executed the chain of value and organizational processes on a comprehensive process-based level, to manage its business processes (figure 2),

And has Categorized processes in 4 levels, based on reference models such as PCF(APQC), SAP-CRM, the Philips model, the CCOR model, the Lambert model, the ADL base-model, etc.

In analyzing processes, such data as process owner, process goal, process input and output, resources and infrastructure required for the process, executive measures, process customer, are organized in form of process identification documents. Also in MAPNA Boiler, process owners are identified in form of “processes organization” documents and based on 14 process sets.

To control process functions, process indicators in different areas are planned and are measured and monitored within different time limits. To this purpose and for process optimization, functions of indicators are provided to process owners and the company’s senior manager by process and management dashboards.

(Figure 2) organization’s chain of value and processes map (figure 1) processes framework design phases and fundamentals

The HSE management of MAPNA Boiler engineering and equipment manufacturing company based on the organization’s ethical values and liability, has adopted approaches based on doing all things with no incidents resulting in fatality rate and total minimization of environmental effects and continual looking to pursue our specialization recognized organizations To this purpose certain outlook and approaches through our years’ experience in leading the health, safety and environmental supervision have been taken to facilitate and improve functionality within this framework, namely:

  • Establishing and obtaining a certificate occupational Health and safety assessment series (OHSAS 18001)
  • Establishing and obtaining an environmental management certificate (ISO 14001)
  • Establishing an Energy Management System (ISO 50001)
  • Establishing a code of decoration (5s: sorting out, system arrangement, spic and span, standardization and self-discipline)
  • Observing all requirements regarding stakeholders

Management’s commitment to HSE

Due to the sensitivity and importance of HSE matters and to insure the effectiveness of measures and conditions relating to HSE, the organization’s senior management acts as follows:

  • The HSE high Committee

    Presence in person or a Representative with full powers on a regular basis in meetings and monitoring its performance

  • Receiving a HSE reports
  • Tracking and controlling the performance of the HSE section’s functionality in terms of achieving goals and plans and indicators by HSE monthly reports
  • improve the HSE culture
  • Assistance of the senior management to implement programs related to HSE culture

Due to the importance of the realization of the perspective, the company organizes strategic goals in different layers and as a consequence of the MAPNA Group HSE 5-years strategy being communicated, the HSE section has started to define short and midterm goals and improvement programs on an annual scale, and defines, executes and monitors executive programs to reach them.

Risks and aspects management

For reasons of protecting employees and the environment, stakeholders’ requirements and according to legal mandates and OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 standards, the company takes steps to identify and evaluate environmental aspects, safety risks and occupational health. Prior to the HSE management system was the risk management process and its effects, which consists of 4 main steps: identifying, evaluating, controlling and recovering. To this purpose all identified risks are communicated to all employees of product, projects and workshops for awareness and implementation of controlling measures, by different methods. The companies risk evaluation method in 2014 was based on the HEMP method; (management of risk and its effects) according to the method used by the best companies, on 4 main issues of environment, human, equipment and organization’s reputation, which took place separately.

Key personnel and sections

Due to the importance of identifying key and influential personnel and sections in the HSE and the organization’s HSE functionality improvement, MAPNA Company by an optimized selection from the best companies, organized a structured and effective method of identifying key personnel and sections and their promotion, and regularly follows up on their growth, awareness increase and enabling programs. According to the importance and investment therein, any changes or displacements of key personnel or mission alteration of current processes within key sections is subject to confirmation and agreement by the HSE comity.

Integrity of capital

Due to results of the risk management process, the HSE section provides a list of the companies critical equipment and machinery which could bring about unacceptable risks, or causing unwanted safety, health or environmental issues within the company premises if not subject to appropriate control. According to standards concerning this equipment and machinery and by organizing standard and appropriate processes in the design, purchase, implementation and maintenance phases thereof, observation and maintaining relevant safety standards and regulations is guarantied.

Online monitoring of the companies waste disposal system

In line with enforcement of article 192 of the 5th developmental program, the company’s waste treatment system is equipped with an online monitoring apparatus, in which data pertaining to the output waste water could instantly be monitored, either from within or out of the organization. Using this system, the online information about the – water treated output is obtainable and purified water could be controlled as well. The purified water put out by the purification system is then used to irrigate the greenery.

Waste management and water treatment

In the Boiler and equipment Engineering and Building company of MAPNA, comprehensive waste management plan has been organized and updated, in which all waste is identified and codified, which according to the managerial waste regulation and the waste management Act, all waste are managed after being isolated at the point of production. The company regarding special waste, also collaborates with relevant organizations such as the district municipality organization of waste management and the environment protection organization of the district. In addition Mapna Boiler company has water treatment technology based on biological treatment that supports the purified water by the purification system is then used to irrigation system for green spaces and agriculture use.

Metabolic health indicator

In order to monitor employees health, the HSE management invented an indicator called the metabolic health, by evaluating employees state of health and periodical diagnosis results and also at the time of employment; this indicator includes factors such as the ratio of good versus bad blood fat, Tri glyceride and a person’s extra weight, which is in progress as a research project together with Tehran university of medical sciences and is to be published in scientific magazines for scientific registration.

HSE Awards

MAPNA Boiler engineering and equipment manufacturing company due to its safety, health, environmental and social activities has received awards of some local organizations and social associations such as:

Achieving the 36,000,000 total man hour works without fatality

  • Top health professionals in Alborz province for three consecutive years in 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • Receiving an HSE Award from the Alborz Blood Transfusion Organization in 2015
  • Receiving the certification of Green Industry from the Environmental Protection organization in 2014.
  • Receiving the best HSE Certificate of the Regional Health Center In2016, earning the honors from the HSE Director from the Ministry of Labor in 2016.
  • Receiving the title of the Company with best safety and the Golden State Statue of the Ministry of Labor in 2016.