oil, gas and petrochemical


Relying on the brilliant experiences in power production industries and implementation of several successful large scale projects; MAPNA group started his activities in the fields of oil, gas, and petrochemical industries to provide quality services based on his privileged managerial background and vast capabilities of production and factories. Considering the MBE’s background in commissioning number of projects valued at 30 billion Euro in the field of energy; it is MAPNA Group determination to provide best services in Oil, gas and petrochemical industries based on his technologies and managerial capabilities.

MAPNA Boiler and Equipment Engineering and Manufacturing Company started his services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries from 2011 with manufacturing of the fixed equipment such as steam boilers, heat exchangers, drums, pressure vessels, reactors, process columns, and etc. Several projects in refineries and petrochemical complexes, such as south pars gas field have been done in this regard.