MBEC founded in 1998, is highly qualified in design, procurement, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), package, utility and power plant boilers. Since 2010, MBEC has expanded his activity in the area of water and wastewater treatment for various applications.

With our intimate understanding of the entire process engineering value chain, we are the partner of choice for communities seeking integrated solution for their water and power supply and management needs. Taking on difficulties associated with the construction of large projects, especially in industrial areas which are complex in terms of size and Specification, requires an organizational structure that is up to the task. Our team composed of a cohesive group of accurately trained people.

To date, our products have been installed in more than 30 plants all over Iran and thre other countries. With more than 1000 staffs, a proven track record and ability to draw on our comprehensive capabilities across the entire value chain, we are positioned to deliver the most effective and efficient environmental solution to meet client needs.

  • Project Management 
  • Design & Engineering 
  • Procurement & Manufacturing 
  • System Assembly & Installation 
  • Plant Testing and Commissioning 
  • Operation & Maintenance